Oluf Christian Larsen

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Photos and images from the life of Oluf Christian Larsen.


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Oluf Christian Larsen portrait from his daughter-in-law Mary Eleanor Vance Larsen's collection. The original of this photograph was donated to the Fairview City Museum, Utah, by the Richard L. Larsen and Robert C. Larsen families.

Oluf Christian Larsen. Photo: Johannah Christiansen Larsen collection.

Oluf Christian Larsen’s early home in Ephraim, Utah. It is a Greek revival architecture style built sometime between 1850 and 1874. This house is located at 75 South 100 West, Ephraim, Utah. This house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, operated by the National Park Service. Photo: James and Karen Larsen.

The Oluf Christian and Anna Marie Pedersen Larsen home located at 1176 Princeton Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo: James and Karen Larsen.

Oluf Christian Larsen photo from Scott Tarbet's family genealogy web site.

Oluf Christian Larsen from a newspaper photo. Photo: James and Karen Larsen collection.

Oluf Christian Larsen portrait. Photo: Johannah Christiansen Larsen collection.

A poem written by Oluf Christian Larsen. This poem was given to Oluf's granddaughter, Betty Larsen Ross and she allowed us to scan this document for this web site. Scanned image: Jim and Karen Larsen.

Oluf Christian Larsen standing on the front steps of his Salt Lake City home he shared with his wife, Johannah Christensen Larsen. This home is located at 1011 Wilson Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah. This home was later renovated and substantially changed by Oluf's son, Alma Larsen. Photo: Johannah Christensen Larsen collection.

Grave marker for Oluf Christian Larsen located in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Utah. Note that his death date is incorrect. Oluf actually died on 9 November 1929--off by one year. Photo: James and Karen Larsen.

The "Electric" was the ship in which Oluf Christian Larsen and wife Amelia Christine Amundsen Larsen crossed the Atlantic Ocean to America. Oluf and Amelia were actually married on board this ship.

The ship "Electric" which Oluf Christian Larsen boarded to travel to America.

LDS Church statue located on the Hawaii Temple grounds. Oluf Christian Larsen posed for the artist Avard Fairbanks who created this statue. This photo shows Alma and Margaret Larsen (son) during their Hawaii trip in the 1960s. Photo: Alma Larsen collection.

Oluf Christian Larsen's High Priest Ordination Certificate. Image: Johannah Christensen Larsen collection.

The Avard Fairbanks statue: Lehi blesses his son Joseph. This statue stands in a secluded courtyard behind the Hawaiian Temple. Oluf Christian Larsen was the model for Lehi. Photo: www.avardfairbanks.com.

An article which was printed 29 July 1984 by the Deseret News (The Church News section) about an experience from Oluf Christian Larsen's life.

Oluf Christian Larsen posing for artist Avard Fairbanks. Fairbanks created a frieze of Old Testament prophets for the top portion of the LDS Hawaii Temple. Oluf was used to model the Old Testament prophet Elijah. Photo: Johannah Christensen Larsen collection.

Oluf Christian Larsen. This photo was taken at the H. N. Winter Studio, 451 W. 700 S., Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo: the Margaret Johanna (Joan) Larsen Combs collection.

When Oluf Christian Larsen first moved to Salt Lake City, he built a two room adobe home at this location (where the cars are parked), 700 East and 17th South, Salt Lake City.

Oluf Christian Larsen portrait hanging in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah. Image: Dean and Connie Larsen collection.

Postcard from Drammen, Norway, birthplace of Oluf Christian Larsen.

This is a portrait of James Allred, the founder of Spring City, Utah. James Allred was also the LDS Patriarch who gave Oluf his Patriarchal Blessing. Unfortunately, we have yet to locate a copy of this blessing. Photo: taken at the Spring City Museum by James and Karen Larsen, September, 2007.

Postcard from Drammen, Norway, birthplace of Oluf Christian Larsen.

This is a four generational photo. Oluf Christian Larsen with his daughter, Maria Caroline “Carrie” Larsen Cornia, her son Virgil Cornia and her grandson (name unknown).

A page from the 16 May 1881 edition of the Latter-day Saints Millennial Star where mission calls for the April Conference were announced. If you look under "Scandinavia" you will see Oluf C. Larsen, Ephraim. This would be Oluf's second mission. Notice that Oluf's future brother-in-law, Hans Olsen Magleby of Monroe, Utah was also called on a mission to Scandinavia at the same conference. The cost for this edition was 1 penny.

Calling / Delegation /Elder O.C. Larsen / Dear Brother! / Herewith certify that you are called to work in Christiania Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, under leadership of the named Conference’s President. / It is your responsibility to preach the Gospel, and to perform the Ordinances, which pertain to an Elder’s calling, at the same time, to be your President helper in accomplishing whatever duties he might impose upon you, to further the work at the place where you are called to work. / You must familiarize yourself with the Instructions, you have or will be given, which will help you to understand and fulfill the many duties, which await you, to stand by your President, as he might direct. / Furthermore we ask you, dear Brother, to keep your covenants with God, at the same time to follow his commandments and the council, which is given by them, they are placed over you by the Lord; be humble and keep yourself near to him in prayer and invocation, so will the Holy Ghost be with you in your undertaking, The Priesthood’s Power will increase with you, the hearts of men will open to remedy your needs, an you will be an instrument to bring many to the recognition of the truth. / Copenhagen, the 1st June 1881, / President Over / The Scandinavian. Translated by Wallace Larsen.