Oluf Christian Larsen

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The Death of Oluf Christian Larsen

Oluf Christian Larsen died on November 9, 1929, at the age of 93 years, 7 months and 3 days. He was a good husband and father, true to his friends, to his religion and to his adopted country.

Below is the Death Certificate of Oluf Christian Larsen.  It was obtained from the State of Utah.  Notice the doctor misspelled Oluf's first name. 


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Death Certificate for Oluf Christian Larsen.

Obituary for Oluf Christian Larsen.

Relatives attend the funeral of Oluf Christian Larsen. Oluf Larsen (Jr.) and wife Sigrid Larsen (standing in front), Johanna Larsen, Margaret Larsen (behind Johanna), Orson and Ruby Larsen, unknown person, Sarah Larsen, Mary Larsen (May) behind Sarah.

Larsen cousins attend the funeral of Oluf Christian Larsen.

Grave marker for Oluf Christian Larsen located in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Utah.  Note that his death date is incorrect.  Oluf actually died on 9 November 1929--off by one year.